2021年6月16日 星期三

睡眠障礙(失眠)與重覆經顱磁刺激 (rTMS)


重覆經顱磁刺激 (rTMS) 可能改善失眠

Nianyi Sun教授團隊納入36個研究,總共2357受試者( trials from 28 eligible studies were included, involving a total of 2357 adult participants (mean age, 48.80 years; 45.33% males).。使用PSQI睡眠量表評估TMS治療前後,TMS比較安慰治療,rTMS 顯著有效改善PSQI的分數 ( rTMS was associated with improved PSQI total score (SMD  2.31, 95% CI  2.95 to  1.66; Z ¼ 7.01, P <0.00001) and scores of seven subscales.。


Sun N, He Y, Wang Z, et al. (2021) The effect of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for insomnia: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Sleep Med 77: 226-237.