2021年1月7日 星期四

淺談纖維肌痛症和重覆經顱磁刺激 (rTMS)

 淺談纖維肌痛症和重覆經顱磁刺激 (rTMS)


使用重覆經顱磁刺激 (rTMS)治療纖維肌痛症

國外已經開始嘗試重覆經顱磁刺激 (rTMS)治療纖維肌痛症,Nilson Nogueira Mendes Neto教授團隊招募17位纖維肌痛症女性,經過10次治療後(rTMS in the left prefrontal cortex. The sessions were performed in a series of 3 to 5 consecutive days with maximum break of 2 days between the series. A minimum of 10 sessions was required. Parameters used: frequency (10Hz), cycles of 10 stimuli with pause of 20 seconds between them. 20 minutes was the length of each session.)

41.2%的患者報告在第三次rTMS療程後疼痛明顯改善。 第三次療程後,有50%的患者憂鬱症狀得到改善。失眠和疲勞的改善率分別為35.3%和52.9%。有47.1%的患者的生活質量提高。


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